A Month for Myself…Pets (Day 22)

Pets are great for your physical and mental health, so I spend time with them as a part of my 30 day meditation and wellness challenge. It’s good for them, and it’s good for me.

A Month for Me…Be Antisocial (Day 21)

Sometimes being antisocial is just as important to mental health as being social. This is something I’m realizing in my 30 day self-care and meditation challenge.

A Month for Me…Hydrate (Day 13)

Water consumption is vital for many bodily and mental functions. It is also the focus of day 13 of my 30-day meditation and self-care challenge.

A Month for Me…A Tech-Free Hour (Day 11)

Sometimes you really need to take a break from social media and electronics. Day 11 of my self-care and meditation challenge focuses on “unplugging” for an hour.