The Sun Is Not My Friend

I got so burned on the 4th of July that I had a flesh bikini. I’m now quite familiar with natural remedies to soothe sunburned skin.

Red Potato, Potato Salad

There’s something to be said for fresh and simple when it comes to potato salad. The red potatoes, homemade pickles, dill, and other ingredients marry to create an experience that brings me back to my childhood.

Simple Pizza Dough from Franny’s

I started using this basic recipe from Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian about a year ago when I discovered their incredibly simple, FAST pizza recipes. If you haven’t checked this book out before, I highly suggest it. It has great recipes for pasta and vegetables, as well. So far, I’ve made their Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Almonds…

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Bread Pudding

My mum used to make a version of this bread pudding as a special breakfast for us when we were growing up. I like to think this is a slightly healthier version, with less sugar. Her recipe has more cream cheese and is doused in a homemade blueberry syrup, which is absolutely decadent. If you…

Sambal Cauliflower and Broccoli

Sambal Cauliflower and Broccoli is a very simple recipe that gives vegetables a pop of flavor and spice that complements a creamy dish, like my Health-ier (Ricotta, Cheddar, and Cauliflower) Mac ‘n’ Cheese.