A Month for Me…Expressing Creativity (Day 24)

Everyone has a way they express their creativity. For some people it’s writing. For others it’s painting, singing, etc. It can convey and vent frustration, anger, joy, and other emotions. Or, in my case, it’s a good way to shut off. When things get stressful, sometimes we need that.

For me personally, I enjoy creating something. I have a hard time stopping completely, and sewing allows me to slow down without shutting off. I also find it very rewarding when I can take fabric that was nothing but an object and turn it into something useful.

I’ve just recently gotten back into sewing–I learned how to as a young girl and it has come in handy for everything from sewing buttons back on shirts to repairing rips in jeans to making my husband a new pillow to replace one I threw away (he wore a hole in it that I couldn’t fix!). I was able to fix the hem on a well-loved dress the other day and even learned a trick to prolong jeans with worn spots in the inner thigh area (it’s a curse, I swear).

One of my projects was to replace our cat Fred’s well-loved (aka falling apart) cat bed. It’s not perfect, but he seems to love it.

I have my sights set on making a new tablecloth and matching napkins. Eventually I’d also like to experiment with quilt making and maybe even delve into clothing¬†again…

Once upon a time I made this dress for a 4-H project. If you can’t tell, I was obsessed with all things Jane Austen, including empire waist dresses.


I also have a particular project in mind that may result in sewing or painting. We have a blank wall in our kitchen that bugs me every time I walk in the door. It’s a white wall straight ahead as I enter, and I want color. I’m currently contemplating some form of homemade artwork or tapestry to hang there. If it works out like I hope, I will share it.

I decided to finally tackle a problem that’s been bothering me: my grocery bags! Before they were in a large bag in the cupboard causing a huge mess. Now, they’re in a cute little bag and I have a practically empty floor space.

I also made a second bag holder that is for sale on Etsy. It turned out so darn cute, in my opinion!


Sewing isn’t my only outlet for creativity though. I enjoy embroidery, writing, painting, and random projects.

And Pinterest is full of great ideas for fun home projects. To be honest, if I had to choose a form of social media, I’d probably stick with Pinterest. Feel free to follow me there and share fun projects!



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