A Month for Me…Be Antisocial (Day 21)

Being antisocial can be just as important for your mental well-being as being social. It’s all about balance. I have days when being with friends lifts my spirits and makes me ecstatic about life. And there are other days when being around people is draining, and I need a break.

It’s incredibly important to recognize that in yourself. If I don’t acknowledge those feelings and instead try to power through, those are the days I start stupid fights with my husband and get mouthy with people. It’s like I have a fuse so short that the wrong word will cause me to explode. I almost feel physically uncomfortable when I need alone time and am surrounded by people. I don’t often experience anxiety, but this will definitely do it to me.

The hardest part about needing to be antisocial is when you’re working or in a situation where you can’t easily excuse yourself. But it is still important to give yourself that break. It’s difficult to say, “I need to step away,” but I take opportunities like a short walk during lunchtime or a few minutes in the bathroom to collect myself. Short meditations and deep breathing can also help me in these moments.

I’ve been experiencing this more lately as my work has been incredibly busy. This is also why I will unashamedly admit to being behind in my 30-day challenge. I will allow myself to not “catch up” and instead let that dread of unnecessary (and self-imposed) responsibility fall off my back. I will continue as I can, holding to my plans of making this a “month” for me, even if it turns into more than 30 days.

So I’ll keep this short and point you to this list of 50 things to do alone, and I’m going to go hang out with my pets. Alone.


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