A Month for Me…Music (Day 19)

Everyone has their way of destressing at the end of a long day. I have a few, depending on what ails me. If I need to laugh and turn off my brain, The Office is just the thing. If I want to engage my mind and sense of delight, a great novel may be perfect. Or, when my eyes and my brain are tired, listening to just music can be a salve to my soul.

More than likely you have multiple options to indulge in music. I listen on my phone when I’m on the train, on my laptop when I’m cooking, I use my record player/radio when I’m cleaning, and my TV when I want to enjoy music videos (which I’m currently doing).

Regardless of how you enjoy it, how often do you listen to music while doing nothing else? Truly hearing the lyrics and feeling the music in your bones. It’s a magical experience.

Not too long ago my husband and I did just that. We turned off all of the lights, lit candles, started music on the TV and covered the screen so the room had a soft glow. We just sat there, in the dark, listening to Pink Floyd. It was so relaxing and pleasant–practically meditative.

It made me think of my childhood and teenage years–I would lie down on my bed and just listen to music for hours. It was central to my life.

I also love turning certain music up loud and dancing around the apartment. That is also incredibly cathartic (and fun). And if there is a hairbrush microphone involved, even better.

And you don’t have to take my word for it; according to The Huffington Post there are 7 Undeniable Benefits of Listening to Music:

  1. Music relieves anxiety.
  2. It can put you in a good mood.
  3. It can help you heal.
  4. Music can be motivating during a workout.
  5. It can improve your sleep.
  6. It’s a major performance enhancer.
  7. Music sticks with you.




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