A Month for Me…Vitamins (Day 17)

I hate taking pills. I really do. No matter what I do, I swear they make me slightly queasy.  I’m sure it’s 90% psychological. But there are a couple that I feel the need to take, so part of my 30-day meditation and self-care challenge has been dedicated to making sure I take them regularly.

I take two pills: a multivitamin and a B12 pill. According to some researchers and doctors, multivitamins are a sort of health insurance for when you don’t get enough nutrients from the food you eat. I eat quite healthy, but I know I’d be deficient on vitamin D and C for sure otherwise. And those are very important.

I take the B12 supplement because I have an extreme deficiency, as I explained in a  previous post. I was getting shots every week for 5 weeks and asked if I could try the pill form. There are a couple lines of thought as to why I might not be getting enough B12…

One is that my body just can’t absorb it (possibly because I don’t have enough of the right kind of stomach acid, I think) and it can’t be fixed. If that’s the case, I’ll have to choose between getting shots for the rest of my life and suffering through fatigue, as well as putting myself at a higher risk for certain diseases and conditions, including neurologic damage.

The other possibility is that I just wasn’t consuming enough B12. Or I’ve heard some people say it can be linked to gut health. Regardless of why, trying a B12 supplement and limiting irritating substances like caffeine, alcohol, etc. can’t hurt. So I’m giving that a try, hoping that my stomach will allow some of the B12 through. If, at the end of a month, my levels are still bad, I will go back to receiving the shots.

My energy levels have been good the last month, despite me not always being great at getting adequate sleep. But I also didn’t think I was terribly tired before. It’s funny how our sense of normal can be so misleading. Often times you don’t know you’re sick until you start feeling better. And I am starting to feel better.

If you want to read more about B12–what it does, what a deficiency looks like, and more–read 21 Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency from Health.com. It’s incredibly informative.

Do you take a supplement? Why or why not?



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