A Month for Me…Less Booze (Day 16)

There’s something very relaxing about a glass of wine at the end of the day, and it’s even better when it’s combined with a luxurious bath. But recently I had been drinking more than I probably should. I’ve never been one to get crazy and black out or get sick, but I was drinking a little every night. I decided to try to cut back.

At first it didn’t really work. I was going off of pure willpower and trying to tell myself I didn’t want another beer. so I stopped trying that and just focused on the things I’ve been discussing recently here: drinking more water, meditating, walking more, and trying to regulate my sleep patterns, to name a few. The time I spent watching TV and drinking beer and eating junky food started filling up with reading more, taking relaxing baths, and basically learning what I really wanted in that moment, instead of living on autopilot.

If I want a beer, I have a beer, but I don’t drink it as fast. I enjoy it. But when I’m drinking so much water, I don’t necessarily want as many other beverages. And it’s really started having some great results:

  1. I feel better. I don’t feel as sluggish the next day and don’t deal with heartburn nearly as much.
  2. My digestion seems better. This could also be due to my healthier eating habits, but I’m sure this helps.
  3. I sleep better. We all know drunk (or tipsy) sleep is not good sleep. Sure, you may sleep heavy, but it’s not refreshing sleep.
  4. I can’t drink as much without getting loopy. It lowers my bill when I’m out and about, and that’s a huge plus.
  5. I’m saving money. A 6-pack of beer here in NYC can range from $8 to $13, depending on what you’re drinking. If you drink 3 beers a night, you could easily drink $25 a week. And that’s if you don’t go out…

There are other pretty powerful reasons to cut back too, including:

  • Weight loss. Every beer has at least 100 calories, and the average cocktail starts at around the same. Cutting down can really cut out the calories.
  • It’s good for your mental health.
  • It can lower your risk for numerous diseases, including various cancers and heart disease. Drinking can raise your blood pressure and damage your organs, making you more susceptible to life-threatening conditions.
  • It is better for your immune system.
  • Cutting down on drinking can actually reduce stress levels. Seems counterintuitive, but read the article linked below!

If you think this is something you should try, you can find more reasons to cut backĀ here!


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