A Month for Me…Bubble Baths (Day 12)

Yesterday I told you I’d start implementing tech-free hours occasionally. Well, last night I decided to use that hour to take a lovely, relaxing bath and then journal and read before bed. I had forgotten how much I love baths and feel it is something I need to bring back into my life. I went to bed feeling clean, soft, and calm. I even did a bit of meditation while surrounded by bubbles.


That reminds me. These are my must-haves for a bath:

  • Quality bubbles. I bought a delicious-smelling, natural brand from my local pharmacy.
  • A glass of wine. I’m a sucker for a good glass of wine.
  • A good book. Mine was Jane Steele, as you may remember from my earlier post.
  • A thick lotion or oil. I used both–the oil I also got from the same pharmacy, and I believe it’s a mixture of jojoba and some flower oil. It smells divine, either way.


Although, I will say that I was so enjoying the peace and quiet that I didn’t even crack the cover of my book. But I like to have one handy. The wine and bubbles set the mood for me. And I love sealing the moisture in with a quality lotion and/or oil.

And this may be a sign of my age, but I will admit to wanting a rubber duck (and these are so fun) and a wine glass holder. Because…why not?


So everyone knows baths are luxurious and relaxing, but I mentioned in another post that a walk followed by a bath is great for a restful nights sleep. Baths also…

Plus, it just feels so damn good. So I’m going to try to take one at least once a week (after I or my husband scrub the tub). I know some people are staunchly against baths, but I feel like a lot of that stems from feeling like they’re bathing in their own dirt. Which is why I clean it beforehand and take a shower first. Overkill? Maybe.


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