Ten Reasons You Should Go for a Walk Right Now

There are so many benefits to walking, psychologically and physically. Plus, it’s easy. Hell, you more than likely do it every day. But there’s a psychological difference between walking to get where you’re going and walking for enjoyment and leisure. I personally notice things more when I’m walking for pleasure. Particularly if I take my headphones off and truly experience my environment. The sights, sounds, smells…

There are few things, if any, that can mentally remove me from my everyday concerns more effectively. Even if the walk is temporary, my brighter outlook has more permanence. And if my word isn’t enough for you, here are ten other reasons you should take a walk right now:

1.) Walking can lower your risk for dementia. It’s true!

2.) It improves your mood. For many reasons, including the fact that you’re doing something for your health and, if you’re at work, a change of scenery can work miracles.

3.) A quick stroll can be just as effective as a nap at fighting fatigue. So when you get sleepy at work, the answer may be to pop out for a quick jaunt.

4.) Walking might help you break out of your creative funk. That’s right. Walking improves creativity.

5.) There is a link between regular walks and a lower risk for chronic diseases like diabetes. One study even found that it was more effective than running.

6. If you’re struggling with, ahem, regularity…it can help with that.

7.) It can ease depression.

8.) Instead of taking a pill, try a leisurely walk (and a warm bath…ooooo) to help you sleep.

9.) Walking bolsters your immune system! There’s nothing worse than a summer cold. Or any cold, really.

10.) It even lowers your risk for breast cancer.

So there you have it! And here are 50 other reasons you should be walking, in case you’re still not convinced.

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