A Month for Me…Podcasts (Day 4)

When you spend less time watching TV, it inevitably frees up time for other things. In this case…podcasts. It’s nice to have another option for when I’m out walking, on the train (when I can’t get a seat to actually sit down and read a book), or working around the house. I have even been listening to them while I do my makeup. I used to listen to a lot of books on tape, and I think this is a brilliant way to learn on the go.

I tend toward more informational podcasts, but I also haven’t delved into the world of podcasts too much, so I’d love some suggestions. I’ve been listening through the Spotify app, and I see there are a lot of podcasts in the Storytellers section. There are ones on myths and legends, serial killers, Richard Simmons (what?)…how do you choose? This is what I’m currently listening to:


Freakonomics Radio

So far, on this podcast, I’ve learned about the Koch Brothers and a bit about genetic technology, and I listened to an entire episode dedicated to discussing rising statistics of unmarried mothers and, oddly enough, how manufacturing jobs might influence them. The episodes are varied and don’t seem to have an underlying theme that I can decipher. Looking through their list of episodes, I’m excited to listen to There’s A War On Sugar. Is It Justified?, Did China Eat America’s Jobs?, and REBROADCAST: How to Be More Productive. You can view the entire list of episodes here. Hell, they even have an episode called This Is Your Brain on Podcasts, and the description reads “Neuroscientists still have a great deal to learn about the human brain. One recent MRI study sheds some light, finding that a certain kind of storytelling stimulates enormous activity across broad swaths of the brain. The takeaway is obvious: you should be listening to even more podcasts.” Sounds like a must!


Meditation Minis Podcast

In my original post for this 30 day self-care and meditation challenge, I wrote that I needed a backup when my Calm app trial ran out. Podcasts to the rescue! I found this on Spotify, as well. I’ve been supplementing my trial with this podcast because I’ve found myself wanting to meditate longer than ten minutes. It’s actually hosted by a hypnotist, which I find interesting, and her voice is so soothing. I look forward to doing these on the train, as well. I could even see myself doing these at work when I need ten minutes to collect myself mentally. You can find all of the episodes here.


Revisionist History

I’m not entirely sold on this podcast yet, but it does have some fairly interesting subjects. The description on their website reads “Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.” And I love that idea. I just don’t know how well it’s executed. I listened to The Lady Vanishes, which didn’t really hold my attention. But The Road to Damascus was very good. I will listen to more and give it another chance because I do like Malcolm Gladwell. Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment is up next for me! You can listen to all of the episodes here.


Stuff You Should Know

I feel like everyone has heard of this podcast. Or maybe I just think that because it’s the one I’ve listened to for the longest. It’s probably my favorite. There are so many random and important things you can learn from this show. Everything from How Beer Works to How Itching Works to How Breast Implants Work to How Free Speech Works. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re just a curious mind, like me, or if you’re looking to learn about one thing in particular. The one on How Dictators Work was particularly eye-opening for me and How Soylent Works was just…odd. You can find all of the episodes here.


Myths and Legends

I’ll admit, I just started listening to this one this morning. I imagine that I would listen to this podcast before bed. I could be wrong, but the stories seem pretty light. Interesting, but almost like fairytales, hence the title. The one I listened to this morning was about Sentaro the Millionaire (who wasn’t really a millionaire). The story had a pretty strong moral about not wishing for immortality and that mortality is what makes life sweet. I think the narrator takes some artistic license while telling the stories, and he does it well. He’s a great storyteller. I plan to listen to the episodes on Morgan Le Fay for sure. You can browse through the stories here.



Tell me, friends, what podcasts do you listen to? Do you dabble in different ones at random? Do you get recommendations from friends? Let me know in the comments below!

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Reflecting on today’s meditation…

calm-quote (1).png

I find myself wanting to meditate throughout the day, which is crazy for me. But I feel so good when I’m meditating. I foresee it being a huge resource as things get busier and more stressful at work. I used to go out for a cigarette when it got to be too much, now I hope to step away for a quick meditation break. It will be better for everyone.

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