A Month for Me…Meditation (Day 1)

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. In the past few months, I’ve gotten married, dealt with a bed bug problem (we don’t talk about that), went on our honeymoon in the midst of the infestation, and I’ve been dealing with numerous minor medical issues to top it off. I’m extremely deficient in B12 (giving me low energy), iron, and I potentially have thyroid issues–I’ll find out for sure today. Regardless of whether or not I have hypothyroidism, I think it’s clear that my stomach/gut needs a reboot.

And what I know now more than ever is that I need a break overall. I need to give myself a break. That line from The Lord of the Rings about feeling like butter spread over too much bread…that’s me. I’m thinking constantly about a million different things, not getting enough sleep, apparently not taking good enough care of my body, etc. So I think it’s time to give myself a different to-do list–one that gives my body some much needed TLC.

So my plan is to embark on a 30 day journey of meditation, mindfulness, and self-care. You’re more than welcome to join me, and I’d welcome the support. Please let me know if you plan to do so! My goal is to force myself to take some me time daily over the next month, and knowing you all are watching will keep me motivated. I can’t promise every day will be a long post, but I think it will also be a good exercise in sticking with a plan.

So far, some of my goals include:

  • Meditation
  • Regulating my sleep schedule (and getting up earlier)
  • Consuming more probiotics (for my tum tum)
  • Incorporating more walks into my schedule, particularly after work
  • Spending (a lot) less time watching TV
  • Taking more leisurely baths
  • Getting rid of the junk food in my cupboard
  • Making my own kombucha
  • Practicing more conscious gratitude
  • Listening to more podcasts
  • Etc.

I’m going to make a list of 30 things and will do my best to write each day about how it’s going. And at the end of the 30 days (August 5th, by my calculations), I’ll compile a list of everything I’ve tried to incorporate to lessen my stress and improve my overall mental and physical health. I’m also going to record my weight (and keep it to myself!), blood pressure, and use this photo as my “before” (just in case there are radical changes…you never know):

A not-very-flattering photo of me on our honeymoon in Scotland (in my opinion).

I’ll report back on any physical and mental changes and post another photo at the end. And hopefully some of you will be inspired to find more time for self-care too.

So to start it off…Meditation (Day 1)

I’ll be spending at least ten minutes a day meditating, starting with the free 7 day trial from the Calm app. For me to fit this in before work (because honestly, I think that’s when it will benefit me the most…I need to ease in to work), I’ll be getting up a bit earlier.

I hope that by giving myself an extra half an hour in the morning to meditate, plan, and set the mood, I’ll be more relaxed throughout the day. If anyone has any other resources that they love for guided meditation, fill a girl in! I’ll have to find another solution in a week, otherwise.

There are so many benefits to meditation besides just decreased stress (my prime reason for pursuing it). This article from Psychology Today lists just a few:

  • Increasing immune function
  • Decreasing depression
  • Improves memory
  • And more!

And my workplace holds weekly meditations, which I will try to incorporate into my week, as well.

Speaking of the workplace, this is the perfect timing for me to challenge myself to a month of self-care. My company has the second of our biannual sales meetings coming up, which I’m largely responsible for. It can be very stressful, and I tend to get less sleep, less healthy food, etc. Between that and my birthday on the 31st, I hope to make it through this month a healthier, better-rested person, with better habits.

So, tell me…

What little things do you do to take care of yourself, mentally and physically? And do you have a favorite meditation practice?


*A post meditation note: I’m at work now, having had my meditation time, a cup of tea while journaling and planning my day, plenty of time to do my makeup, make a healthy smoothie with the addition of some coconut oil, and I even had time to read a chapter in Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I didn’t stop for coffee on my way to work, saving myself $3 and change and time…we’ll see how I feel about that come 3 pm.

The meditation was good, albeit a bit interrupted by my cat and hubby waking up. But this is what it’s all about…taking life in stride. Right?

I feel awake and calm, not rushed. This is exactly why I love meditating. Leaving you with these words of wisdom:

A little quote from my meditation app, Calm.


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  1. mjjacques says:

    Love this post!! I’m very slowly catching up, working on myself as well lately and have been trying to cut back on my phone time 😉 But your posts are beneficial toward what I’m working on, so I will definitely be continuing to follow your updates! Plus, I love the connection to my Sistah, very important as well! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thanks, sistah dear! As I type on my phone, my tired eyes are reminding me to turn off the screen. I spend enough time on a computer during the day that any break is beneficial. Be right back…closing my eyes for a bit. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mjjacques says:

    I never knew I got a reply until catching up a bit again now, ha! So sorry about that!! Yes, rest those pretty eyes whenever you get a chance! 😘 I’m enjoying reading through your recipes you’ve posted…making me hungry while I should be going to bed! 😉😋


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